Adopt our Miner's Cottage

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Adopt our Miner's Cottage

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NB Adoption is available on this item to run from 1/12/2018, but you can place your order immediately to secure your place. 


Life was hard, and often brutally short for coal miners in the North East for much of the period when mining was a major source of employment. Conditions were crampted, both at work and at home with often a large family to support.

See how it would have looked inside a typical miner’s cottage in the early 1900’s, long before the introduction of pit-head baths. A tin bath in front of the fire was the only way to attempt to remove an almost all-over coating of coal dust. Note the washboards and linen drying..

Note: Adjacent to this display we also offer a replica coal mine for children to enjoy.  


Each item in our collection has its own curious story; from being created, travelling through different owners and uses, and ending up at Bailiffgate Museum where it starts a new life. We’d like to offer you the unique chance to help us raise essential Museum funds by choosing to adopt one of our fascinating items or displays, and become part of that story yourself.  


Adoption costs £50 a year for an individual and £100 for a company, and all proceeds go to Bailiffgate Museum to help us fund our daily running costs. 

Your donation brings you a special adoption certificate, a digital image of your object, free visits to your item, and your name credited on our website and in the display near your item.

For companies, we offer your logo on our website and a name credit near the item, an invitation to attend our special exhibition launch events throughout the year, special adoption certificate, a digital image of your object, and the chance for a photo opportunity with the item to use on your website or in local pres.

Whether as a gift for a friend, your company, or for yourself; adopting an object is a wonderful way to support your local Museum. 

To adopt an object, please look through our items for adoption and decide which you would like to adopt, selecting personal or company sponsorship* as appropriate. You can complete your purchase by card or Paypal as desired. Each sponsorship is for 12 calendar months from the point of purchase, and brings you all the benefits detailed above. Following your adoption we will contact you to arrange final details and despatch your adoption pack. .

 NB If you wish to adopt an item for more than one year, just select the number of years as you order


Personal Adoption 1 year: £50.00
Company Adoption 1 Year : £100.00

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