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Freeform Weaving Workshops with Eta Ingham Lawrie 10am-4pm

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Freeform Weaving Workshops with Eta Ingham Lawrie 10am-4pm

Beginners in Weaving 15th Sept Deposit: £10.00
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Freeform Weaving Workshops with Eta Ingham Lawrie 10am-4pm

One Day Weaving Workshop with Eta Ingham Lawrie.

PLEASE NOTE This course is now Sold Out, but if you wish to put your name down as a first reserve, please contact ask@bailiffgatemuseum.co.uk or ring 01665 605847 asap. 

Sat 15th September 2018- Beginners 

The workshop costs £40 per person, including all materials. Book now - a £10 non-returnable deposit secures your place 

Both the beauty and technical content of Eta Ingham Lawrie's work is outstanding.

All of her Eta's workshops are usually a sell-out, so you are warmly recommended to book* just as soon as you can...


             Sat 15th September for Beginners 

           * Book now using a £10, non-returnable deposit

The German-born artist uses wool to create works notable for their subtle range of colours and textures.

Mrs Ingham Lawrie, who is based in the Scottish borders, is a weaver of wall hangings, working much of the time on an upright loom, with an exhibition history dating back to a show in London in 1964.

She prefers to keep her art au naturel. “I use mainly sheep’s wool. It is very easy to dye, so one can achieve everything with it, from the finest threads to quite a thick structure.

“I find I can express the very heart of the landscape with the thick sheep’s wool.

“The colour tones needed can be obtained through the nuances, subtleties and delicacy of wool, more so than cotton.

“I dye 99 per cent of the wool myself, using both mineral and plant.”

This is a rare  opportunity to learn some of her methods for yourself in a one-day course suitable for all ages and abilities.

Max 12 places. £10 non-returnable booking fee applies


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