Alnwick District in the Great War

How the War was Fought


Battles during world war one took place on land, at sea and in the air for the first time.


Land battles were fought mainly on the Western and Eastern Fronts.

They also took place in Gallipoli in Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Africa and the Middle East.


The Western Front was the name given to the parts of Europe where most of the fighting took place in France, Luxembourg and Belgium.

The Eastern Front was the name given to the battlefields in Eastern Europe. This was mainly in Russia where the winter was extremely cold. However, there was also fighting on land in Italy, the Middle East and parts of Africa.


Sea or Naval Battles

Britain had the biggest and best equipped navy in the world. Germany had tried to catch up by building bigger ships. The two navies met at a great battle called the battle of Jutland in 1916. The Germans retreated back to port. After that, the Germans concentrated on using submarines. They sank many British ships carrying food. Britain tried to stop Germany trading with the world by blockading German ports. Both countries suffered massive shortages of food.


In the air

Aeroplanes were very new inventions. The first successful plane to fly had only happened 10 years previously. The technology developed dramatically during the war as did their numbers from a few hundred to several thousand.


There were 3 different types of aircraft:

1 Reconnaissance aircraft – they flew behind enemy lines to scout where the German armies and artillery were

2 Fighter planes equipped with machine guns

3 Bombers – to drop bombs on enemy positions